About Me

I live in Surrey but I shoot weddings nationwide and abroad. I shoot mainly in a documentary style but appreciate this is a very overused term in the wedding industry.

I believe a photographer shouldn’t take over a wedding. I think the bride and groom should have memories of their special day, the ceremony, the guests, and the party and not have too many memories of the photographer. I want to get feedback that I blended in, was flexible and accommodating. It doesn’t mean that I won’t chat with the bride and groom and even guests but I don’t want to put myself at the centre of the wedding.

My intention is to give you clean, balanced, harmonious images that tell the story of the day. Shooting in a busy room with lots of people crowding around can be messy and often framing is through heads and shoulders of guests. A small adjustment, a slightly different angle, or viewpoint and a photograph become weak and unbalanced. The most wonderful moment captured in a poor way is not a great photograph.

Using vacant space can aid storytelling and make a simple image stronger. We have all seen how a simple portrait of a person can be improved by careful positioning in the frame and using the space around. Visual chaos needs controlling so the image still looks harmonious. Bridal preparation can often be chaotic but careful camera angles can control this chaos into something positive. Although photography can be an instinctive business, I believe in a strong awareness of the craft or there is a danger of indiscriminate snapping.

As a documentary photographer, I shoot both active and reactively. There are times at weddings to shoot quickly and react to the circumstances. Wedding speeches are an example where people are laughing all over the room and I react to that by moving and shooting quickly. Active shooting is slower and more controlled. Active shooting is waiting for elements to come together in a framed scene for a great shot and sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn’t. I try to balance these types of shooting during the wedding. My equipment is designed to help my style. I mainly work with fast, prime lenses that are wonderfully sharp and great in low light. I do carry flashes with me but nearly all my shots use natural light.

As a documentary photographer I still take the couple away for some shots, but always attempt to minimise the impact on the day. The same goes for group shots. More of my couples are now realizing that long group lists make it more difficult for me to shoot the shots that they are actually booking me for. I recommend a few group shots and nothing more. They are also a very boring experience for the bride and groom when instead they can mingle with guests.

Please have a look at my Featured Work page or Instagram Feed page for more of an idea of my wedding style. There is flexibility in my pricing for midweek and off-season weddings, so if you like my work please just contact me.

Outside of photography, I spend time with my wife Eralys and son Sebastian. Eralys is a wonderful concert pianist and I enjoy listening to her practicing and performing in concerts. Having my flexible life I spend a lot of time with my son and enjoying photographing him as he grows up. There are some shots of Sebastian in my featured work section. I compete in triathlon and completed an Ironman in 2017.